Gordon Brown's Government Is "Collapsing Before Our Eyes"

On Saturday, President Obama gathered with the leaders of Canada, Britain and France in Normandy to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings. One of the leaders, Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown, is facing a war of his own. His government is, to quote Tory leader David Cameron, “collapsing before our eyes.”

Last week, several government ministers resigned. There’s growing speculation that Brown will dump Alistair Darling, who’s the equivalent of the Secretary of the Treasury, in favor of Ed Balls who’s a very controversial figure. If that happens, all hell could break loose.

The Tories are having a lot of fun watching Brown’s government disintegrate. David Cameron said that Hazel Blears’ resignation as Communications Secretary was a “direct challenge” to Gordon Brown’s authority. Last week, Brown was roasted alive in Parliament.

The Guardian newspaper, which is solidly pro-Labour, called for a change of prime minister. Without an election, that’s not so easy. If Labour were to dump Brown, it would take a nationwide poll of party members. So far, Brown is dead set against resigning.

There are many reasons why Gordon Brown is in trouble but I think one of the major reasons why so many allies are abandoning him is due to the pound’s weakness. The pound has been taking a beating recently. The lesson is that currency problems can eventually become political problems.

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