Cramer Gives Us Credit for Our Green Mountain Call

Here’s yesterday’s Lightning Round on Mad Money. The relevant part begins at 6:17:

“Unbelievable! Stock had a major ramp, it is clearly a short squeeze. My friend Louie Navellier who writes for Real Money, has his own newsletter, predicted that this stock would have a monster move. He predicted it just seven days ago. I want to check in with him, but I do feel that you would be greedy unless you took some Green Mountain Coffee Roasters off of the table.

Thanks Jim! And you’re right. This is the time to take profits in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR). We sent out a Flash Alert to our Quantum Growth subscribers yesterday telling them to lock in their 80% profit we made since February 17.

What else can I say but…BOO-YAH!!

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