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Buy This Top Tech Stock Before The Closing Bell

08.16.2018 The projections are looking great for tonight's earnings report from a well-known graphics card producer. Analysts are calling for 39% forecasted sales growth and a whopping 80% earnings growth. Then again, this company has a history of smashing expectations. Which company am I referring to? Find out, in today's blog. Read more

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Growth Investor08.10.2018

A Reminder to Diversify

Over the past few days, money has been sloshing around in the stock market. One day, investors are favoring high-growth stocks. The next day, they’re chasing dividend yields. And the next day, they’re pouring into small- and mid-cap stocks. It’s not too surprising that stocks are oscillating right now. As I mentioned in the August 2018 Issue, light trading volume makes August one of the most volatile months of the year. However, I know that the current market environment can be frustrating. ... Read more

August 2018 Issue

Welcome to the dog days of summer! It's that time of year when institutional investors in the U.S. and Europe disappear. As a result, thin market conditions make Wall Street more vulnerable to the antics of unscrupulous short sellers. That's the bad news. The good news is that the second-quarter earnings season has been phenomenal. The vast majority of S&P 500 companies have announced earnings and sales from the latest quarter, and the results have been largely better-than-expected. So 'peak... Read more

More August Chaos

It was another chaotic week on Wall Street, as headlines about Tesla and a collapsing Turkish lira drove the broader indices lower. The S&P 500 is down about 0.6% and Dow dropped 1.1% in the past week. In today's Weekly Profit Guide, we'll review Elon Musk's tweet about taking Tesla private. In my opinion, it was merely Musk's way of 'squeezing the shorts' in Tesla. But it does bring up an interesting point: If a money-losing company like Tesla could go private, then the stock market is at r... Read more

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