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What You Need to Know about the Market's Big Pullback Today


I’ve literally just finished sending out Flash Alerts to each and every one of my newsletter members (if you subscribe to Growth Investor, Breakthrough Stocks or Accelerated Profits, you may want to check your inbox) about today’s dramatic pullback.

But then I got to thinking: What I had to say to them today really applies to anyone who invests in the stock market. There’s... Read more

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Growth Investor06.15.2018

The Silver Lining to a Rising Rate Environment

This week, our Growth Investor Buy Lists meandered higher as we received several important updates about the economy. This included the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision for June, as well as the latest data on retail sales and consumer prices. In this Weekly Update, I’ll explain what this all means for our Buy List stocks, and how I’m adapting our strategy going forward. We also had plenty of company news, from earnings announcements to stock splits to corporate name changes. We have ... Read more

Small-Cap Stocks Continue to Outperform

Small-cap stocks are continuing to "melt up." As we discussed in the June Breakthrough Stocks Issue, there are a few factors supporting small-cap shares. Namely, the annual realignment of the Russell indices is underway, and the U.S. dollar continues to strengthen. In today's Breakthrough Stocks Weekly Update, I'll reiterate why the realignment of the Russell indices is lighting a fire under many small-cap stocks. We'll also review recent economic data and its impact on the U.S. dollar. Over... Read more

A Massive News Week

Last week was a massive one for news, including headlines about trade tariffs, the historic summit between the U.S. and North Korea, the Federal Reserve's interest rate decision and inflation, as well as several economic data reports. In today's Weekly Profit Guide, we'll dig into the details of the biggest headlines from the past week, and what this means for the U.S. economy and stock market. In addition, we're making several changes to the High Velocity Trades Buy List today. Specifically... Read more

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